Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh

Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh has become well known for its impressive range of high quality and extremely competitive price range of aluminium windows. The company has been able to gain this reputation through its multiple product offerings that provide customers with utility, aesthetics and value for money. From a wide range of stunning styles and finishes to detailed instruction manuals and workmanship that lasts, it is easy to see why many Bangladeshi residents turn to Thai Aluminium Windows for their window needs.

Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh


Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh employs experts in the fields of design, engineering, and installation. Their highly skilled industry professionals have years of experience working with the construction and furnishing of homes throughout Bangladesh. As a result, they have an understanding of both the modern and traditional aesthetic preferences of the Bangladeshi people. Furthermore, these experienced technicians are available to ensure the installation, maintenance, and repair of aluminium windows are properly done.

How to Order Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh

Ordering windows from Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh is relatively simple. Customers can visit their nearest retail shop or visit their website to choose the style and material they require. Customers are also encouraged to attend a showroom presentation to discuss their preferences and view a detailed product selection.

Why Choose Us

When looking to enhance the utility and aesthetic of a home, quality is always of the utmost importance. Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh only uses the highest quality materials for their windows, so customers can be assured of quality products that last for many years. Alongside their quality, their products also provide extreme value for the price – offering low rates for high-grade materials.

Quality, Competitive Products:

Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh is proud to offer their customers an extensive range of premium quality aluminium windows that remain competitively priced throughout Bangladesh. The company has also developed a unique process that enables them to produce windows that are low-cost and still maintain the same aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, their products are also easy to maintain, making them a great choice for home owners looking to save on upkeep costs.


Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh provides an additional level of service for their customers, by extending a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 10 years on all of their products. This warranty covers both the technical and aesthetic aspects of the windows and allows customers to make the most of their investment, knowing that their windows are covered for years to come.

What is the Price Range

One of the major attractions of Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh is their competitive pricing. For a standard window, customers can expect to pay as low as $30 per square foot, depending on style, size, material and type. Their products also provide cost-effective solutions for their customers, as they can be customised to fit within one’s budget.


Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh offers fast and efficient delivery services to their customers throughout Bangladesh. The team take great care to ensure that their customers’ furniture is safe and secure during the transportation process and always keep their customers informed of the process.


Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh has become an increasingly popular choice for many Bangladeshi residents thanks to their low prices and unbeatable quality of aluminium windows. Their extensive range of highly competitive products also come with a 10-year warranty, ensuring that customers get the most out of their investments. With a variety of options to choose from, Thai Aluminium Windows Bangladesh is the perfect option for anyone looking for the best quality aluminium windows for their home.

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